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WHAT IS Passion Care?

We are a passionate group of compassionate HOME CARE AGENCIES

Passion Care is the parent company and driving force behind our growing list of individual home care agencies nationwide!

At Passion Care we are passionate about giving all who are eligible, FREE access to stellar care from the comfort of their home. We are focused on being the middleman between your Medicaid benefits and your daily care. We do this every day of the week, in multiple states across the country, catering to every ethnicity and every range of disability. Passion Care is here to empower you and help you regain control of your health.

To learn more about one of our ‘Passionate’ Home Care agencies, visit our agency page HERE.



Ron Greggory

Passion Care and their Committed Home Care agency was with my Dad every step of the way as he recovered at home.

Michelle J.

Thank you Lisa for being on top of my meds. Your friendship is priceless to me. #CDPAP #Home Care

Edith Quincy

Thank you @Bertha Pell for educating me about CDPAP. I’m getting to spend time with my daughter every day now!

Betty Lou

I want to say how much we appreciate Passion care responding to our needs so quickly, and with two top quality people.

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Home Care

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